premium quality Pakistani Rice


Anwaar Corporation is a family-owned company that has its roots in Pakistan – a country that has been acknowledged for the most premium quality basmati rice in the world. Our Company history can be dated back to 1950, when Haji Ghulam Mustafa (founder) entered the Rice business as a broker. He travelled through the Rice Markets of Pakistan and earned a well respected name for himself based on his honest dealings and fulfilling his commitments. In 1984, his son Muhammad Anwaar (CEO) joined him and since then the company has grown to become a highly trusted Pakistani company that has modern rice milling & processing plants. We are exporting premium quality Pakistani Rice to international market since 1999. With many years of experience within the rice industry, strong work ethics and work-force that consists of highly qualified & professional personnel, Anwaar Corporation/Our Company has become a reliable and cooperative supplier for our customers around the world.


Quality, Consistency, Continuity

The quality of rice is affected by multiple factors that include its growing conditions, handling, storage conditions and production process. Anwaar Corporation is located at the heart of the primary basmati growing region of Pakistan, in the province of Punjab, we are able to source the finest paddy & raw rice. All our paddy & raw rice are carefully selected, stored, manufactured and then packed at our ISO certified factory. At Anwaar Corporation, we always aim for the highest quality in the entire value chain; all the way from farm/fields to table/customer. We are fully committed to deliver products with the highest level of food safety!

We Source Directly From Local Farmers

Our strong presence in the primary rice growing region, and close cooperation with the local farmers provides us with direct access to source paddy and raw rice. It is our company’s priority to buy directly from rice farmers. We have our company associated personnel in primary rice growing region that connect us with the farmers. Buying directly from the farmer is our way of supporting them. Our close cooperation with local farmers enables us to secure the finest paddy & raw rice to provide you with the premium quality rice products.

Adopting To Global And Local Quality Requirements

At Anwaar Corporation, we are also dedicated to constantly adapt to new international markets and local requirements. Our priority is to provide our clients with the quality that they demand for their respective market with competitive pricing. We try our level best to form a long term business relation by providing one stop solution to our clients for rice, packaging and logistics. We are always happy to hear from you, if you have any special requirements for your market.


Super Kernal Basmati Rice
Super Kernal Basmati White Rice | Super Kernal Basmati Sella Rice

Finest among all, Super Basmati Rice of Pakistan knows no equal. Procured from the most premium Basmati rice growing area of the world, it has natural Aroma, fluffy & soft texture, subtle unique taste with long & separate grains after cooking that are easy to digest – Authentic Super Basmati Rice of Pakistan has all the attributes to be recognized as the most premium rice of the world. In our Super Basmati Rice products, we pack old crop (minimum 1 year & maximum 2 year old) that is naturally aged to perfection. When cooked in the right manner, Super Basmati Rice of Pakistan is truly one of the finest food to enjoy in your meals.

1121 Basmati Rice
1121 Basmati Steamed Rice | 1121 Basmati Sella (Parboiled) Rice

1121 Basmati Rice is world’s Longest Grain in Rice. Pakistan origin 1121 Basmati Rice has natural aroma and unique taste. Available in the finest quality from the best 1121 Basmati Rice growing areas of Pakistan, its slender edgy shape and extra long grains add an appetizing appearance to the dishes.

PK-386 Aromatic Long Grain Rice
PK-386 Long Grain Sella (Parboiled) Rice | PK-386 Long Grain white Rice

1121 Basmati Rice is PK-386 Aromatic Long Grain Rice is known for its flavorful aroma. It is economical in price and has cooking characters quite familiar to Super Basmati Rice.