The Founder

In 1950, Haji Ghulam Mustafa joined the trade of rice under the banner of Ahmad Din Ghulam Mustafa. In the beginning, the organization operated as a brokerage house to the rice industry. With the passage of time, this small unit earned a name of a giant enterprise and Haji Ghulam Mustafa, a self made business man became a legend with performance, commitment, and continuous hard work. His legacy of professionalism is carried on by the next generation.

Co Founder

Mr. Muhammad Anwaar  took over and joined the business in 1984 under the title Awaar Corproration.He entered the business with a concept to introduce the company as a quality rice exporter of Pakistan. Anwaar Corporation has worked the lasting influence on the local and the international market through its top performance and recognized as one of the quality rice exporters of Pakistan.